Note: This model has been discontinued.  Click here to see a newer Allavino wine refrigerator.

Have you ever owned so much wine that you feel like a small personal wine shoppe? You could store it in your cellar, but what if you need to take some out for a party and the bottles aren’t the right serving temperature? Your fridge can’t hold all your wine, and the smaller wine fridges won’t cut it either. So what is a person to do? Don’t worry, because there are a variety of large built-in wine coolers that can do the job.

The Product

We are going to be reviewing the Allavino MWR-1271-SSR 132 Bottle Wine Cellar Refrigerator. As the name implies, it’s a refrigerator that doubles as your own personal wine cellar. It keeps over a hundred of your drinks cool until they’re ready for consumption. This can appeal to many people, including those who don’t have enough space for their own cellar, a person who wants it for their own shop, or just someone who likes hosting classy parties. If you have hundreds of bottles, this fridge seems to be an ideal place to store them. However, there is more to a fridge than just that. What does the product claim it can do?


Interestingly enough, the features list says that this unit can store 122 bottles instead of 132. It’s unknown if they thought that 132 was a better marketing number, or if it was just a typo. It’s cabinet-sized, and the glass door has a stainless steel frame. The glass is tinted, protecting your wine from rays that may damage the quality. It also includes a security lock, good for households with small children.

It’s illuminated with LED, giving it a pleasing look as well as not heating your wine. Its roller-glide shelves can extend, so your wine isn’t agitated. This all sounds like it’ll be a great deal and an excellent place to store your wine. However, does the product hold up, or does it have its share of problems? There are a few reviews on Amazon that can give us some insight.

The Reviews

The fridge has received a mixed reception on Amazon, averaging a three star rating. The page contains only four reviews, but the ratings are all over the place. So let’s start with the positives before talking about some of the negatives people report. First off, a reviewer praises the fridge for being quiet. A noisy fridge can be a distraction depending on the person.

Another plus is that the shelves are aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for a cooler that will complement your house, this is a plus. Another positive is that the fridge keeps the drinks at the preferred temperature. As some fridges can be a little off on the set temperature, this is a plus.

Things to Look Out For

As you may expect, there have been a few complaints about the fridge as well. For one customer, the fridge stopped working after about a year. However, the reviewer also said that they had it in their 90-degree garage, so it may be due to that. Another common gripe is that the fridge doesn’t hold as many bottles as it claims.

One reviewer had difficulty holding non-Bordeaux bottles and bottles with fat bottoms. The reviewer also pointed out that the bottom shelves are shorter, creating difficulty with storage. They claimed that they could only get 80 bottles in there. While that’s still a good amount of wine, it’s much fewer than what the fridge claims to store. The best solution to that is to see what types of bottles it can store and look at tutorials on how to get the most out of the fridge.

The Verdict

Should you buy it? We recommend that you definitely look at other fridges of the same capacity before making this decision. The reviews are mixed and there’s not a broad enough spectrum to decide. Besides that, there does seem to be problems with how much it can hold. See if you can purchase a cooler that holds about the same capacity, has a similar price, and includes a more positive reception. At roughly $1000 after shipping and tax, it is worth considering other choices.

Note: This model has been discontinued.  Click here to see a newer Allavino wine refrigerator.

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