As a casual wine drinker’s passion for fine wines grows, so too does their bottle collection. They’ve always kept their weekly rotation wines, a case or two to be ready to host dinner parties, and a few select vintages for special occasions.

But as the wine drinker becomes more serious, they will start collecting, and they’ll have need for more storage space. They will likely have bottles in their collection that they have no intention of moving, or even touching for years on end. And of course, since most people don’t have a wine cellar in their home, a large capacity wine cooler becomes essential for any serious oenophile.

The product

The 120 bottle wine cooler from KingsBottle is a great option for wine lovers in need of more capacity. KingsBottle is an established maker of wine coolers in Europe, but are relatively new to the US market. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The KingsBottle 120 features an attractive black and stainless steel finish that make it great as a stand-alone unit. Front venting also allow it to be used as a built-in, giving it a versatility that’s great for wine lovers planning a future move or kitchen renovation.

KingsBottle thermostatic control

The KingsBottle 120 boasts a vibration-free compressor, and a quiet, fan-circulated cooling system. This helps to keep your bottles undisturbed, and the peace and quiet of your home preserved. Load-bearing, non-warping hard wood shelves on steel ball bearing rollers keep your wines at rest, and ensure easy bottle selection and restocking.

This 120 bottle wine cooler also features blue LED lighting, and digital display controls. KingsBottle makes this same product, with the same specs in a 50 bottle under the counter model, and a 170 bottle capacity for wine lovers needing even more space for their collection. It is rated for commercial and restaurant use, and the wine cooler is lockable.

What you get

The KingsBottle 120 comes basically as advertised. It runs relatively quietly, though it makes more noise than some higher-end coolers. It is attractively priced in comparison to other similar models.

The wooden shelves are of medium quality. They are built solidly, though a carpenter would notice that they are mass produced. They are not built from an expensive hardwood. Still, they are what one would expect to get at this price point, and their overall effect is functional and attractive.

One potential issue that the manufacturer does not mention in their product description is that the two temperature zones must be set to four degrees apart. This will not present a problem to most wine drinkers as they will use one zone for reds and the other for whites, and they will set the difference at considerably more than four degrees.

KingsBottle 120 bottle dual zone wine refrigerator


Buyers of the KingsBottle 120 were positive overall in their reviews, though a few had a bad experience. Most purchasers settled on this model after extensive research, and found the quality and value lived up to their expectations.

One reviewer seems to have received a defective unit as the compressor stopped working after only a few days of use. She claims that the company’s customer service was unhelpful, though since she purchased the product through, she was protected by their return policy. Another reviewer had a small issue and was very satisfied by the company’s response to his problem.

One issue that a few reviewers had was that they found the shelves too close together. Some of their wider bottles such as magnums would catch on the shelf above as the user pulled out that shelf. For most bottles this will not be a problem, and this is common to nearly all wine coolers. Wine drinkers needing to store a number of wider sparkling wine bottles can remove one shelf to accommodate the bottles, though obviously there’s a tradeoff in lost space.

As with all wine coolers, the 120 bottle listed capacity is for a collection consisting exclusively of high-shouldered, narrow Bordeaux bottles. Sparkling wine bottles like Champagnes, and Burgundies like pinot noir and chardonnay will take up more space. Some mixing and matching will be necessary to fit a large collection, but the KingsBottle will come close to storing its full capacity for most wine collections.

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Where to buy

We recommend as the best place to buy the KingsBottle 120 bottle Dual Zone wine cooler. Amazon almost always has the best price, and their customer service is excellent. Their convenient return policy is great for expensive products like a wine cabinet.


Wine collectors who buy expensive, rare wines at auction will most likely buy a higher-end model than this. But for serious wine enthusiasts needing lots of space for their weekly turnover, their medium term special occasion bottles, and their longer term investments, the KingsBottle is an excellent mix of features and value.

Anyone without an unlimited budget needs to draw the line somewhere, and save their money for the wines that will actually fill their wine cooler. The KingsBottle is a solid option for where to draw that line.

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