NOTE: The Amalfi Madison wine cabinet is no longer available at The Randolph Wine Bottle Cabinet is another model with much larger capacity and a similar cherry finish.

A true wine lover would just as soon store ice cream in the pantry as they would a bottle of Bordeaux. Light, humidity and temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc on your wines. It’s imperative for wine bottles to be properly stored. The Amalfi Madison Wine Cabinet is one option in the competitive marketplace for home wine storage units, and one that brings something unique to the table.

The Product

The first thing you’ll notice about the Amalfi is its appearance. What sets it apart from most other freestanding wine cabinet models is its classic styling. In an age of stainless steel industrial design, the Amalfi’s rose cherry finish, pewter door knobs and polished black granite top are a better fit in most living rooms, dining rooms and more traditional kitchens.

Eight bottles of white will chill between 45 and 54 degrees in the upper zone, while 16 reds will stay fresh and juicy at 54-65 degrees in the lower zone. All 24 bottles sit on extendable drawers, and are kept safe by a locking cabinet door.

amalfi madison wine fridge

Wine accessories will always be at hand in the brown velvet-lined top drawer. Interior LED lights create a subtle effect that also helps to identify and pick out your next bottle. The pedestal base, beautiful wood finish and granite top make the Amalfi seem more like a piece of furniture than a wine cabinet – somewhere you could just as easily toss your keys as serve hors d’oeuvres at a party.

What you get

The most important thing for a wine cabinet to do is maintain the quality of the wines inside, and keep them at the desirable cellaring or serving temperature. At this, the Amalfi surely succeeds. Customers are unanimous in their reviews that the thermo-electric cooling unit does its job, and does it quietly.

The look of the wine cabinet is also praised fairly unanimously. The price of the unit reflects the quality design and materials used on the exterior to give it a classic look. The Amalfi does not look cheap, which is always a danger with products trying for this type of design.


Reviews of the product are mostly positive. Everyone is unanimous in raving about the Amalfi’s functionality; as a wine cabinet, it certainly does the job. The rose cherry finish and black granite top also receive high marks all around. In the interior, the reviews get slightly more mixed.

Although the manufacturer claims that the unit has full-extension drawers, one reviewer complained that they don’t open far enough to fully display the bottle’s labels. And although the cabinet uses metal ball bearing glides in the drawers, a few users have found the drawer hardware to be on the cheap side.

Reviews on the interior LED lighting are mixed. A few users found them to be slightly off putting, while others thought they were a very nice touch. They are not controlled by the door in the same way as a refrigerator which some consumers find to their dislike.

The temperature controls are not digital to the dismay of some reviewers, though the correct temperature is still achieved. Most of the more modern wine cabinets have digital controls, so for consumers who value it, the Amalfi is lacking in this regard.

At 191 pounds, the Amalfi is rather heavy. This is normal of course, as it’s not only a refrigerator, but also a granite-topped piece of furniture. Still, any room rearrangements will require assistance. When buying, be sure to check the shipping terms. If only curbside shipping is available, you will need help getting it into your home.

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Pros and cons


  • Beautiful styling and design. Looks great outside the kitchen and in traditional homes.
  • Dual zone cooler keeps your whites cool and crisp and your reds at cellar temperature.
  • Velvet-lined top drawer to keep wine accessories.
  • 24 bottle capacity, keeps 16 reds and eight whites at optimal temperature.


  • Drawer hardware less than top-quality.
  • No digital temperature controls.
  • Light not door operated.

Where to buy

We recommend as the best place to buy the Amalfi Madison wine cabinet cooler. Amazon nearly always has the best price, and their customer service is excellent. Their convenient return policy is especially useful for big ticket purchases like a wine cabinet.

amalfi madison wine cabinet cooler refrigerator


The Amalfi Madison wine cabinet refrigerator is great for anyone, from the casual wine drinker, to the committed oenophile. It will assuredly do its job, keeping your wines stable and ready to drink at their proper serving temperature. It will look great in any home, especially those of more traditional design. You won’t be disappointed by the Amalfi, and it’s the perfect excuse to have a dinner party with good friends, and of course, wine.

NOTE: The Amalfi Madison wine cabinet is no longer available at The Randolph Wine Bottle Cabinet is another model with much larger capacity and a similar cherry finish.