NewAir 32 bottle wine fridge

If you’re reading this, then odds are that you’re looking for a place to store your wine while keeping it cool. Most would put it in their conventional fridge, but if your bottles are taking up too much space or if you want to a convenient place to grab your wine and go, then you may need a separate place to store them. If you’re a wine enthusiast, chances are that you want a refrigerator that can store your wine easily and conveniently. This is where the product we’re going to look at comes in.

The product in question is the 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator by NewAir. As the name implies, it’s a refrigerator that can store up to 32 bottles of wine. It’s designed almost like a giant wine shelf, one that you can put your wine in and take out once you’re ready to use it. The appeal is that not only does it give any home a classier feeling, but it’s a separate refrigerator that gives you easy access to your wine.

newair wine fridge


A few features that the product boasts are as follows:

  • Two temperature zones
  • Digital controls
  • An LED display that will bring your fridge to life
  • 14 pull-out racks for easy customization
  • Stainless-steel trim

Granted, the concept seems easy enough to deliver customer satisfaction. If it’s a sturdy wine cooler that gives you easy access to your wine, then the customer will be happy. But does it deliver on this, or does it share some of the issues we’ve seen with similar freestanding wine coolers in this price range, such as poor cooling, flimsy construction, and malfunctioning controls? Thankfully, we have customers who can answer that and more. This unit has received many reviews on Amazon that can help answer that.

Newair 32 bottle wine cooler


Overall, the fridge has received mainly positive reviews, averaging around a 4.5 star rating. One praise that many reviewers love is its motor and the lack of noise it makes. They claim that the fridge is quiet, and is only audible for less than a minute out of an hour.

Some reviewers say that the temperature is consistent enough, keeping their wine cool at all times. They say that it doesn’t take long for it to reach the ideal temperature, unlike some fridges that take a while after you set them up. Others love the fact that the doors do not take up much space. A particular reviewer told that they placed the fridge next to their normal refrigerator and accessing both was a cinch.

However, not all were pleased. One three-star reviewer, which interestingly enough received the most helpful votes out of all the reviews, had some issues. This reviewer claimed that it could only fit around 20 bottles, had flimsy shelves, was noisier than they thought, and couldn’t keep a consistent temperature. Another two-star reviewer said that they could not keep the refrigerator under 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

They replaced the unit, and it still had the same problems. It is unknown if the fridge holds fewer bottles than it claims, or if it depends on the bottles’ size and the shelf placement. Make sure you read the instructions and watch a few tutorials on how to set it up before you attempt to place the shelves. As for noise, that may depend on the person. Some people don’t mind a low hum, and others will accept nothing less than a completely silent cooler.

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newair wine refrigerator


With everything mentioned above, would we recommend this product? If you want an aesthetically pleasing place to store your wine that is affordable, then definitely. Many reviewers point out how quiet it is and how it is easy to set up and adjust it to your ideal temperature, so it’s a product that will cool your wine almost when it’s out of the box.

If you do experience problems such as it being noisy or the cooling being inconsistent, you can send it back for a replacement or refund with no hassle. Overall, if you’re a wine enthusiast who wants a classy, high-tech unit in which to store your bottles, then this fridge may be the one for you.

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