A cold bottle of wine can make all the difference, whether you’re at a meal, a party, or just want to relax after a long day at work. However, a warm bottle of wine will make a difference for the worst for many people. Thankfully, there is a product that says that it can chill that bottle of wine to perfection while providing the soothing sounds of a waterfall. So let’s look at this appliance now and see just what it is.

The Urban Trend Chiller

This review takes a closer look at the Urban Trend Waterfall Wine Chiller, model 10-275. It’s not a fridge where you can store several bottles, but instead a chiller built around a single bottle of wine. It uses a cool waterfall to chill the bottle. For many, this product not only complements their kitchen, but the sound of a waterfall is pleasing. They may not want to use a fridge because they don’t like how cool it makes the wine, or they need to chill a bottle at the last minute and they forgot to put it in the fridge. So, what other claims does this product make?

urban trend waterfall wine chiller with wine rack

The Claims

This product presents itself as an aesthetically pleasing ice bucket. It has computer-controlled options to get the wine bottle to your preferred temperature, and cools the wine gradually – rapid cooling is said to “shock” the wine.

It chills the wine with its own ice-cold waterfall, to which you must add your own ice and water. For those who want their wine chilled faster, it has an optional rotation feature.

Finally, it has a shut-off option that automatically turns the cooler off once the timer is up. That means that your bottle won’t over-chill. This sounds promising enough, but does the product do what it claims, and is it worth the money? Thankfully, we have a few reviews to give more insight.
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The Reviews

The wine chiller has received a mixed reception on Amazon, with an average of about three stars. First, we shall go through a few positive points that reviewers mentioned. One reviewer said that the chiller made the wine reach the ideal temperature in just ten minutes.

Another thought it was convenient how there were different timers and options for different wines. That reviewer also has owned the chiller for over two and a half years and it still works, even though the display has faded. Others love the fact that the cooler is easy to use and clean up.

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Things to Look Out For

Seeing how it received a three-star average, of course there would be some negative reception. A few reviewers felt duped because they didn’t know that the cooler required ice. For some, that’s not a problem, but others didn’t have a convenient access to ice. Before buying, make sure you have a good ice dispenser or else you’ll have to use your ice tray for it. Another complaint was that it didn’t chill the wine cold enough.

Some say that it works just as well as the fridge, making the product pointless to them. Of course, others just liked the appeal and enjoyed the fact that it’s good if you forgot to chill a bottle beforehand. Finally, many of the one-star reviews had units that either were dead on arrival or failed shortly after. For these unlucky few, they likely received a bad unit.

Buying Advice

As a small product, shipping is affordable. This wine chiller is sold directly by Amazon.com as well as through Amazon third-party merchants. Your best bet when looking to buy this is to choose the seller who not only has the most reasonable price, but has a good return policy. Make sure the warranty is decent, and also make sure that you can return it for a replacement or a refund if the product doesn’t work. Seeing how some buyers had problems with defective units, this is your best option.

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The Verdict

Should you buy this cooler? If you’re looking for a quick way to cool a bottle of wine that creates the ambience of a waterfall, then it should be right up your alley. Keep in mind that you will be providing your own ice and filling it with water. As there is no other cooling mechanism other than the icewater, keep a close eye on the temperature monitor and shutoff process to make sure the wine ended up at the temperature you wanted.

At around $75, it’s a bit expensive as an impulse buy, but it shouldn’t break the bank either. Look at your wine serving habits (how often do you forget to put the wine in the fridge before serving?) and check out other single bottle wine chillers before making your final decision.

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