Wine drinkers know there’s nothing better than a chilled glass of white wine or rose on a warm summer evening. The crispness of white wine is incredibly refreshing, so long as it’s sipped at its proper serving temperature. The problem on those warm summer nights is, of course, that the bottle of wine warms up quickly if it is left out.

No doubt there are solutions to this. Most people keep the bottle in the fridge, and make the trip every time someone needs a refill. Or they keep the wine in an ice bucket, which does the job but can use up all of the ice and leaves puddles of water dripping from the table due to the condensation.

The VinChill PRO offers a solution to this wine drinker’s dilemma. It’s one of those beautiful solutions that’s simple, cheap, easy, and convenient. White wine lovers will wonder what they ever did before they had one.

The Product

The VinChill PRO is incredibly simple. Store it in your freezer until you open your next bottle of white wine or rose. After pouring the first glass, insert it into the bottle, and you’re done! The wine chiller will keep your bottle at a cool, drinkable temperature. The manufacturer also claims that it’s an aerator as well.

While white wine drips are not as bad as those from red wine, they can be a nuisance nonetheless. But the VinChill PRO is also a a pour spout. This gives you a clean, steady pour that eliminates wine running down the sides of the bottle and dripping on you or your guests.

pouring with the VinChill PRO

More importantly, it means you don’t have to remove the the product from the bottle before pouring. Just put in, and forget it. No drips, no fumbling with the bottle, and no warm wine. The VinChill will keep your bottle cool for up to an hour.

After you are done, just rinse the wine chiller under warm water, dry it, and put it back in the freezer for next time. The VinChill PRO is durable, and backed by a 100% lifetime quality guarantee. Plus, a portion of every unit sold is donated to fighting childhood hunger in the United States.

What You Get

The VinChill PRO is great for anyone who loves wine. You’ll find it in constant use in the backyard, on the deck, at outdoor concerts, picnics and barbecues, or just simply at the kitchen table. The product comes mostly as advertised and gets the job done with no fuss and no hassle.

The one area where it doesn’t quite live up to the billing is as an aerator. The wine chiller doesn’t really aerate the wine at all, despite the company’s claims. It should be noted that this is not generally very important with white wines and roses, but it still makes one wonder why they make the claim. If you do want to get serious about aerating your reds, Andre Lorent makes a separate aerator product. This is also very highly rated by customers.

VinChill PRO with wine glassReviews

The reviews are in and there’s a clear consensus: wine drinkers love the VinChill PRO. In out of 120+ reviews, an overwhelming majority of reviewers have rated the wine chiller five stars out of five.

The biggest complaint was that the VinChill pours too slowly. While it’s understandable that wine drinkers want to get the wine into the glass as fast as possible, most users had no problem spending a few extra seconds to fill their glass.

The product is not dishwasher-safe, and a few buyers were slightly miffed by this. The majority however, found a quick rinse in warm water to be sufficient to clean it. Importantly, the seal works great and nobody had any issue with wine leaking from the top of their bottle.

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Where to Buy

We recommend as the best place to buy this wine chiller. Amazon almost always has the best price, and their customer service is excellent. Their convenient return policy is great, although it’s unlikely that anyone will want to send this one back once they’ve gotten their hands on it.


The VinChill PRO will let you say goodbye to constant trips to the fridge and dripping ice buckets – forever. Your next picnic will have you and your friends enjoying colder, crisper wine. You may even want to buy a few to keep chilled wine for all the guests at your next barbecue or dinner party. You may even find yourself recommending this product to all your friends, and wondering what you ever did before you had one.

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