Most wine drinkers do not need a wine cellar or giant wine cabinet to store their bottles. But when the fridge gets cluttered, it can be a pain always having to plan ahead to have a couple bottles of chilled white or cellar temperature red on hand. Small wine coolers are perfect for these types of wine drinkers, and the Avanti is one offering in this niche.

The Product

The Avanti is a thermoelectric cooled wine cooler capable of holding 12 bottles. The unit’s innovative design lets you keep eight of the bottles lying horizontally and four bottles standing vertically – perfect for open bottles being saved for later.

Curved glass on the front door of the Avanti gives it a stylish look. The cabinet is black and finished in platinum accents making it perfect for modern kitchens. Integrated digital display and temperature controls are located front and center for easy access and reading.

Avanti 12 bottle wine refrigeratorThe unit is vented by a quiet fan that produces no vibrations. This means any sediments in your wines are not disturbed. The Avanti is compact, making it great for counter tops, shelves, or small apartments. At 25 ¼ inches high and just ten inches wide, it’s not much bigger than the CPU of a desktop computer.

The company has been a manufacturer of high-quality small appliances for over 41 years. They were early pioneers of compact and mini refrigerators. Their products are trusted by hotels to stand up to heavy commercial use.

What You Get

The Avanti is a single-zone wine cooler, meaning all bottles inside are chilled to the same temperature. Wine drinkers wanting their reds kept at cellar temperature and their whites chilled will be better served by a dual-zone cooler. But for the average consumer, the Avanti gets the job done.

The user will have to choose to use it as a white wine-only cooler, or find some middle ground. A good option is keeping reds and whites at a mid-50s temperature (°F). Before drinking, just give a red twenty minutes on the counter, or a white the same time in the fridge.

The compact size of the Avanti is great for counter tops and pantries, but not for narrow spaces or cupboards as it needs room around the sides to vent. The vent fan is advertised as being quiet running but it is about as loud as your regular refrigerator. Also, the fan turns on and off regularly making it more noticeable.


User reviews of the Avanti are generally positive. Nobody has experienced any problems with the unit breaking down or otherwise malfunctioning. The biggest complaint is the noise of the fan, which as mentioned is comparable to a refrigerator. And since the fan switches itself on and off regularly, it doesn’t simply become unnoticeable white noise. Users keeping it in the kitchen tend to find this less bothersome than those keeping it in a quieter place such as the dining room.

One Amazon reviewer found the biggest drawback to be the temperature control. The manufacturer doesn’t mention it in their advertising, but the cooler doesn’t have an internal thermostat to set the specified temperature. Instead, the Avanti cools from the room’s ambient temperature. According to the company, the unit is capable of cooling 20-25 degrees below the room’s temperature.

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Avanti wine cellarThere are two drawbacks from this: The first is imprecise control over the temperature; the user cannot easily set it to chill their chardonnay to precisely 50 degrees. The second is a problem in a non air conditioned space. On a summer day where it gets up to 85 degrees, the wine bottles won’t be able to chill any colder than about 60 degrees – far too warm for white wines.

For the casual wine drinker living in a climate controlled space, this won’t cause any major problems, but for anyone who thinks this could be an issue, they should consider a different model.

While most buyers like the design that allows four bottles to stand upright, some users found the slots and shelves to be too tight a fit. They are designed to just hold a standard high-shouldered Bordeaux style bottle. Anything slightly wider, such as the Burgundy bottles common to chardonnays will not fit. The shelves are removable and bottles can be stacked atop one another as a solution to this issue.

Where to Buy

We recommend as the best place to buy the Avanti 12 bottle wine cooler. Amazon nearly always has the best price, and their customer service is excellent. Their convenient return policy is also useful.


The Avanti is a solid choice for casual wine drinkers looking to save space in the fridge, and always have a few bottles on hand at or near their proper serving temperatures. The stylish look is great in most kitchens, and the compact design makes it easy to find a place for it in any home. For anyone who doesn’t need a dual-zone wine cooler, this is a great option.

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