Given the burgeoning popularity of wine – and the fact that you’re visiting this site – chances are, you may have at least a bottle or two at home. If you have just a couple of bottles, you probably keep it in your fridge without any hassle. But if you are aspiring to become a wine enthusiast, or have a growing wine collection, you may be looking for a better storage solution for your precious bottles. Not to worry – there are small, economical options to help you build your collection without taking up precious fridge space or risk keeping your reds at the wrong temperature.

The Haier 12-Bottle Cellar

Today we will be reviewing Haier’s 12-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cellar (HVTEC12DABS). It’s a small wine fridge that’s appealing for quite a few reasons. As established, it’s a convenient place to store a small collection, and it keeps that collection at an ideal temperature. That means you can have bottles ready and on hand to serve at the right temperature. What does the product claim to do besides that?

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Some people do not like noisy refrigerators, which is completely understandable. They can be distracting, and depending on the layout of your house, disrupt TV watching, quiet time, or even sleep. This fridge boasts that it is made from a cooling system that is ultra quiet and free from vibration. It’s also a dual zone wine refrigerator – that is, it contains two compartments with different temperatures.

The top compartment can range from 46-66 degrees F, while the bottom goes from 54-66 degrees F. You control the temperature via the LED touch screen, which displays the temperature in bright numbers and provides large buttons to increase or decrease the temperature to your liking. Also, it says that it’s perfect for red and white wines, and says that red should be stored at the top while white should be stored at the bottom. Does the Haier fridge do all that it claims?  Let’s look more closely at its customer reviews.

The Reviews

This product has received a mainly positive reception with Amazon reviewers, with an average star rating of about four and a half. A few of the positive points include the fact that the temperature stays at two degrees around the set temperature. Others say that both shelves keep their wines in perfect condition until they’re ready to go. A few mention that while there is a bit of noise in complete silence, it’s quiet enough not to be distracting.

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Haier 12-bottle unitThings to Look Out For

Of course, there have been a few negative points as well. A few have had shipping issues where the machine came in dead on arrival or scratched up. Two reviewers claim that the fridge broke down in two months, while another said that the motor became loud after 13 months of use. A few say that it couldn’t reach the set temperature despite the temperature in the room it stood in being cool.

These problems are most likely due to defective units or poor shipping. When purchasing the product, you should make sure that the seller has a good rating. Also, take a look at the warranty and return policy – almost anything sold on Amazon is likely to be covered with a decent return policy within the first 30 days.

Buying Advice

If you’re going to buy it, Amazon is still your best bet. While the other sellers boast about free shipping and such, their ratings are sketchy. Not only that, but Amazon is selling this product for around $150, and it is eligible for free shipping if you have Prime. Make sure the return policy is reasonable and make sure that you’re buying from a reliable seller. This all sounds like common sense, but sometimes people can mess up and pay the consequences for doing so.

The Verdict

Should you buy this product? If you love drinking red and white wine and have too many bottles for your fridge to hold, then this fridge is recommended for you. The motor is relatively quiet for those who hate noise. It has its own shelves and temperature zones for red and white wine. Also, temperature adjustment is a breeze. The problems people have had with it seem to do with the shipper and getting a bad model, so if you buy, look at your options carefully.

For most wine enthusiasts with a modest collection, this fridge has a lot to offer when it comes to storage and keeping your wine cool. In addition, it is affordable, unlike some wine coolers that will cost you a grand or more. If you are looking for a dual-zone cooler for a small collection, we give the Haier unit our recommendation.

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