A common issue amongst wine lovers is having enough wine on display compared to the amount of space they have available. It seems as if apartments and condos are shrinking, newly built homes lack adequate space, and older homes have been renovated along similar lines. One possible solution to this quandary is the under the counter Danby 27 Bottle Silhouette Wine Cellar.

Why Choose a Compressor Style Wine Cooler?

The temperature inside of a wine cooler is controlled in two ways: either thermoelectricly or by compressor. Thermoelectric units are generally acknowledged to be quieter and more eco-friendly, but they have a major drawback: they can not maintain wine below 56 degrees in most instances.

The temperature is controlled within a compressor style unit in the same manner that it is in your refrigerator: the compressor circulates a coolant. A very simple and battle-hardened method. These units offer the ability to hold your beloved reds, Pinots, or champagnes to any temperature you desire and can cool down to a frosty 39 degrees.

Danby under counter wine fridge

The Danby 27 Bottle Silhouette Under-Counter Wine Cellar

The Danby 27 bottle is marketed under the Silhouette production line and is also known by the model number DWC276BLS. This is a compressor driven unit featuring 2.52 cu. ft. of interior space and the capacity to hold up to 27 bottles.

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The unit is produced by Danby, an American based company known for its warranty and service. This is not a counter-top model, but it is compact enough to fit under most standard kitchen counters. Here are a few of the benefits and limitations of this Silhouette model.
Danby 27 bottle refrigerator


The DWC276BLS is very well reviewed on Amazon and other retailers’ websites. The features that may benefit you include:

  • Compact: this wine cooler is only 12.12”W x 23.68 x 34.06”H. Despite being compact enough to fit under any counter top, this unit does weigh 82 lbs, so you may need assistance to install or move it.
  • Wine Protection: perhaps the most important features of any wine cooler are those related to the protection of the wines being stored. The DWC276BLS has several:
  • Glass: the glass is tempered and tinted to block unwanted ultraviolet rays, helping to ensure that your wines never become ”light struck”.
  • Interior Lighting: the interior features blue LED lighting that is controlled by an electronic switch. By eliminating other traditional bulbs, the unit avoids having a ”hot spot” near the lighting source.
  • Digital Control: the unit’s interior temperature is digitally controlled in increments of one degree for more precise cooling.
  • Tight Seals: the DWC276BLS features magnetic door gaskets for a tighter seal throughout the units life.
  • Sleek: this unit is finished in either black or stainless, both featuring a black matte door.
  • Frost-free: since this unit has a programmable temperature range between 39 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a key element if you intend to hold the temperature very low for extended periods of time.
  • Lockable: this model features an integrated door lock, making it child-proof.
  • Warranty: Danby offers a 24 month warranty on parts and labor with in-home service.


This unit offers a great many benefits, but it would be a bit one-sided not to mention a few of its limitations.

  • Size: while this unit will fit under standard counters and many bars have enough space to accommodate it, the DWC276BLS is not a counter-top model. The trade off is that most counter-top models will hold 16 or fewer bottles, where this unit holds up to 27.
  • Noise: just as with the compressor that runs your refrigerator, there is some noise as the unit cools.
  • Single zone cooling: since some wine lovers prefer different types of wine at different temperatures, you can see how this can be a limitation for this model.
  • Price point: if you are only a casual wine drinker, the price of this unit may be a tad off-putting. On the other hand, serious wine aficionados can appreciate the precise temperature control and understand that the high price is well worth paying.

The Verdict

The Danby DWC276BLS is a great wine cooler for people who have space constraints to keep in mind. The precise temperature control and the ability to maintain an environment below 55 degrees make this unit ideal for storing any type of wine.

While this model is on the expensive side, it does feature a 24 month manufacturers warranty with in-home service.

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