If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely looking for a better place to store your wine. Maybe you don’t want to stuff your fridge with all your bottles. Perhaps you want your wine cool right out of the bottle instead of resorting to ice cubes that water your drink down. What you’re looking for is your own wine cooler that is separate from your fridge. Something that you could pop your bottles in and pull them out whenever it’s time to drink. This is where the product that we’re about to introduce you to comes in.

The Whynter Refrigerator

What we’re going to be looking at is the Whynter BWR-18SD 18 bottle built-in under-counter wine refrigerator. The name tells you everything. It’s a fridge that can store bottles of wine and keep them cool enough for use. This can appeal to many people. For the wine enthusiast with a small but growing collection, this is a place to store your drinks without the hassle. It’s also useful when you are throwing a classy party and want a place where everyone can grab their wine in a quick and painless way. That said, what else does this product claim it can do?

wine bottles in Whynter refrigerator


The name of the product says it can store 18 bottles, but the official specs say it can store up to 19. Your mileage may vary, but 18-bottle is a common storage class in the wine refrigerator industry. The outside design sports a gray-smoked glass for what it describes as enhanced UV protection. In other words, if it gets exposed to direct sunlight, the rays won’t warm up the inside of the fridge or damage the wine itself. Speaking of temperature, it has an LED control panel and says that the temperature can range from 40 to 65 degrees F, giving you a decent range of cooling. It also has a fan-circulated compressor, which it claims will cool all of your bottles evenly. For those who don’t want someone raiding the fridge, it even includes a security lock and key to keep your wine safe. That said, does the product live up to its claims, or does it have defects?

The Reviews

The fridge has received a generally positive reception on Amazon, with an average star rating of four stars. One reviewer likes that it’s only a foot wide, allowing someone to place it without worrying about the extra space. Another says that it takes just 20 minutes for it to start getting cold, unlike some fridges that take all day. Other praises include easy installation and that it runs quiet. One reviewer even did the science and concluded it’s as quiet as a library whisper.

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Whynter 18 bottle under counter wine fridge

Things to Look Out For

It received a four out of five star average, so it is inevitable that there are a few negative experiences. One reviewer complained about the appearance of the cooler. They claimed that there is a big logo on its glass, which the Amazon page didn’t point out. While this may bother some, especially those who are looking for a specific aesthetic, others won’t care. Others claimed that the fridge simply didn’t keep their wine cold, didn’t work, or made too much noise. In the case of it not working, it may be due to the rare defective unit being shipped. Noise levels are more subjective, however. Some pointed out that the compressor kept making noise every few seconds, and this ruined the experience for some of the customers.

The Verdict

Should you purchase this wine refrigerator? If you’re looking for a fridge that will store a decent amount of bottles and you have very little space in which to install it, then this may be the unit for you. It keeps your bottles cool and protects them from harmful UV rays. However, there are a few factors to take heed of, such as the mixed reception on how noisy it is. Perhaps check on other wine coolers of similar price and size and see how quiet they are. If you don’t mind the noise level, however, then this is an ideal purchase for anyone who wants to keep their bottles in a cool, safe place.

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