wine serving temperatureWe have researched the most authoritative resources on wines and their optimal serving temperatures, and combined the various data points into this comprehensive listing of over 100 wines. Enjoy!

Optimal wine serving temperatures

CategoryTypeSpecific regions/examples°F°C
Champagne / Sparkling wineAsti43°F6°C
Champagne / Sparkling wineInexpensive41°F5°C
Champagne / Sparkling wineBetter non-vintage45°F7°C
Champagne / Sparkling wineBest vintages47°F8°C
White Wines (Sweet and Semi-Sweet)Anjou43°F6°C
White Wines (Sweet and Semi-Sweet)Canadian ice wine50°F10°C
White Wines (Sweet and Semi-Sweet)Dessert wines (younger)49°F9°C
White Wines (Sweet and Semi-Sweet)German semisweet winesQbA (Qualitätswein Bestimmter Anbaugebiet), Mosel Kabinett and Spätlese, and Auslese50°F10°C
White Wines (Sweet and Semi-Sweet)German sweet wines (older)Auslese, Beerenauslese, Eisewein, and Trockenberrenauslese52°F11°C
White Wines (Sweet and Semi-Sweet)Sauternes (younger)50°F10°C
White Wines (Sweet and Semi-Sweet)Sauternes (older)53°F11°C
White Wines (Sweet and Semi-Sweet)Tokaji Aszú (Tokay)50°F10°C
White Wines (Sweet and Semi-Sweet)Vouvray46°F7°C
White Wines (Sweet and Semi-Sweet)Zinfandel44°F6°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Bordeaux - medium quality43°F6°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Bordeaux - premium qualitylike those from Graves48°F8°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Burgundy - medium quality48°F8°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Burgundy - premium quality52°F11°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Chablis46°F7°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Chardonnay - unoaked43°F6°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Chardonnay - medium quality48°F8°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Chardonnay - premium quality53°F11°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Chenin Blanc46°F7°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)German, medium quality, nonsweet46°F7°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)German, premium quality, nonsweetTrocken or Halbtrocken51°F10°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)GewürztraminerU.S. and Alsatian48°F8°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Grüner Veltliner41°F5°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Italian whitesFrascati, Galestro, Orvieto, Soave, Trebbiano, d'abruzzo, Verdicchio Dei Catellidi di Jesi45°F7°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Italian whitesGavi, good northeastern Italian whites48°F8°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Melon de Bourgogne46°F7°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Muscadet44°F6°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Pessac-Léognan50°F10°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Pinot Blanc47°F8°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio48°F8°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Pouilly-Fuissé46°F7°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Pouilly-Fumé46°F7°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Rhône (northern)51°F10°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Rhône (southern)48°F8°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Rieslingmost Austrian, Australian, German46°F7°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Rioja, white - oaked50°F10°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Rioja, white - unoaked43°F6°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Sancerre46°F7°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Sauvignon BlancNew York State, Chilean and New Zealand46°F7°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Sauvignon Blancexcept New York State, Chilean and New Zealand44°F6°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Savenniers46°F7°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Sémillon48°F8°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Spanish and Portutguese whites (young)42°F5°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Swiss Chasselas42°F5°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Vigonier52°F11°C
White Wines (Dry and Off-Dry)Vinho Verde42°F5°C
Rosés and Blush WinesInexpensive Rosés41°F5°C
Rosés and Blush WinesMost Rosé and Blush Wines43°F6°C
Rosés and Blush WinesHigh-quality Cabernet and Grenache Rosé46°F7°C
Rosés and Blush WinesHigh-quality dry Rosé46°F7°C
Red WinesAglianico wines from southern ItalyTaurasi and Aglianico Del Vulture65°F18°C
Red WinesBarbaresco63°F17°C
Red WinesBarbera60°F15°C
Red WinesBardolino53°F11°C
Red WinesBarolo65°F18°C
Red WinesBeaujolaisyoung, except for Chénas, Juliénas, Morgon, Moulin-à-Vent, and Régnié54°F12°C
Red WinesBeaujolaisfrom Chénas, Juliénas, Morgon, Moulin-à-Vent, and Régnié56°F13°C
Red WinesBordeaux - medium quality62°F16°C
Red WinesBordeaux - premium quality65°F18°C
Red WinesBourgueil57°F13°C
Red WinesBrunello di Montalcino65°F18°C
Red WinesBurgundyfrom the better vintages of top grand cru and premier cru vineyards61°F16°C
Red WinesBurgundymost Côte de Beaune58°F14°C
Red WinesBurgundymost Côte de Nuits61°F16°C
Red WinesCabernet SauvignonU.S.65°F18°C
Red WinesCabernet SauvignonAustralian, Catalonian, Chilean, South African63°F17°C
Red WinesCabernet SauvignonNew Zealand61°F16°C
Red WinesChâteauneuf-du-Pape63°F17°C
Red WinesChianti (young)57°F13°C
Red WinesChianti Classico60°F15°C
Red WinesChianti Classico Riserva63°F17°C
Red WinesChinon57°F13°C
Red WinesCôte Chalonnaise59°F15°C
Red WinesCôtes du Rhôneand other Italian Rhônes56°F13°C
Red WinesDolcettoU.S. and Italian56°F13°C
Red WinesDouro (table)59°F15°C
Red WinesGerman red wineslike Spätburgunder or Portugieser55°F12°C
Red WinesLago di Caldero54°F12°C
Red WinesLambrusco51°F10°C
Red WinesMalbec62°F16°C
Red WinesMerlotU.S.62°F16°C
Red WinesNouveau-StyleU.S., French, and others51°F10°C
Red WinesPinot NoirAustralian and Californian61°F16°C
Red WinesPinot NoirOregon and New Zealand59°F15°C
Red WinesPinotage63°F17°C
Red WinesRhône (northern)65°F18°C
Red WinesRibera del Duero63°F17°C
Red WinesRioja61°F16°C
Red WinesRioja Reserva63°F17°C
Red WinesSancerre54°F12°C
Red WinesSangiovese59°F15°C
Red WinesShirazAustralian63°F17°C
Red WinesSyrahU.S.63°F17°C
Red WinesToro61°F16°C
Red WinesValpolicellaAmarone-style only58°F14°C
Red WinesValpolicellaexcept Amarone-style56°F13°C
Red WinesZinfandel (young, light)60°F15°C
Red WinesZinfandel (heavy)64°F17°C
Fortified WinesMadeira58°F14°C
Fortified WinesMuscatAustralian liqueur muscat50°F10°C
Fortified WinesMuscat de Beaumes de Venise45°F7°C
Fortified WinesPortRuby60°F15°C
Fortified WinesPortTawny (older)58°F14°C
Fortified WinesPortTawny (younger)53°F11°C
Fortified WinesPortVintage65°F18°C
Fortified WinesPortWhite48°F8°C
Fortified WinesSherryAmontillados63°F17°C
Fortified WinesSherryDry, like most Finos and Manzanillas , except Amontillados48°F8°C
Fortified WinesSherryOlorosos63°F17°C

Proper wine storage temperature

The proper storage temperature for most wines is 55°F/13°C. Don’t worry if your long-term storage isn’t exactly at that temperature. Keeping your bottles at a consistent cool temperature and avoiding any large temperature swings is the most important factor in storage.


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